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Personalized Primary Care for the Oncology patient

October 23, 2020

by Molly Lupo

I have worked in oncology for the past 12 years, and hardly a day went by that a patient didn’t ask me…

  • “What should I eat?”

  • “How much exercise should I be doing?”

  • “ Can I have a beer?”

  • “ Is it ok to eat sugar, or should it be completely avoided?”

I can’t tell you how often I got asked these questions. And, I can’t tell you how often we had to gloss over them quickly.

It’s why I’m passionate about offering a comprehensive approach to the oncology patient–whether you are going through treatment or have completed it, I’m here to help.

I offer a comprehensive approach to your care where we evaluate what’s important to you, and from there focus on things within your control–your nutrition, lifestyle habits, exercise, sleep, alcohol, and more.

While no one can guarantee you a lifetime without a recurrence, I can help you develop evidence-based habits to maximize your wellness & live your healthiest life.

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