Lifestyle Medicine

Science Made Personal

We provide personalized primary care centered on evidence-based lifestyle medicine principles and investment in patient-provider relationships.

Primary Care

We combine Lifestyle Medicine and Primary care to prevent chronic disease, investigate the root cause of illness and foster healing partnerships that extend beyond the provider and the patient.
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At Element, we provide telemedicine services in the states of Nebraska and Iowa in order improve accessibility for patients. Many insurance companies cover the cost of Telehealth services.
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Mental Health

We do not believe that our physical health can be separated from our mental health. Improved mental health improves healthcare outcomes along with quality of life.
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Direct Primary Care Membership

We partner with Strada Healthcare to provide Direct Primary Care services for a low monthly fee. This allows you to visit the clinic, or securely text/call your provider as often as you need him or her.
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We do primary care differently.

Our approach is different than how primary care is typically practiced. Our initial appointments with our patients are 60 minutes long with 30 minutes for follow-up visits. We are intentionally a small practice that focuses on the needs of our patients and prioritizes their access to us. 

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