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Direct Primary Care

A membership program that eliminates barriers between patients and providers.

What is Direct Primary Care?

We partner with Strada Healthcare to provide Direct Primary Care services for a low monthly fee. This allows you to visit the clinic or securely text/call your provider as often as you need him or her. You never have to worry about a copay or deductible. You never have to google your symptoms again. A DPC membership fits best with a high deductible insurance plan to cover any catastrophic health needs.

Direct Primary Care is about focusing our attention, time and effort on caring for our patients directly, without interference from administrators or insurance companies, using evidence-based guidelines individualized for each patient. This relationship based platform fits well with our lifestyle medicine approach. April Thomas, Wendy Pecoraro and Ann Wieseler are all accepting new patients for Direct Primary Care at this time.

For more information or to sign up visit Strada Health Care.