Wendy Pecoraro


Wendy aspires to live a simple and contented life in a world brimming with chaos. This
means eating whole food, moving in some way every day (Pilates or cycling), prioritizing
sleep, practicing mindfulness (she likes to call it “minding your life”), fostering close
relationships and connecting with nature as much as possible. These aspirations, and the
difficulty she has in consistently attaining them, are what sparked a career in Lifestyle
Medicine. More recently, Wendy has developed an interest in guiding her patients in the
pursuit of aging strong!
Wendy has a post-master’s certificate in Wellness and Health Promotion. She developed
Methodist Health System’s Employee Health Program before starting an independent
practice at an integrative care collaborative in 2016. Wendy has been a Diplomat of the
American College of Lifestyle Medicine since 2019. Inspired by this certification, an
affiliation with brilliant colleagues and a commitment to her community of wellness
pioneers, Element Primary Care was founded in 2020. The inability to “look away,” moved
Wendy to found and serve as CEO of the non-profit HEAL (Health Equity in Action League)
Omaha in 2022. It is a volunteer organization of medical professionals who provide
medical care to the street homeless in the Omaha Metro area.
Wendy and her colleagues at Element have a practice grounded in relationship-based care
and a commitment to applying the best science we have to help our patients on a path
forward. We seek to create a workplace that prioritizes our family commitments and our
own overall wellbeing. We all, together, aspire to look back on a life well lived.

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