April Thomas


April Thomas is a board-certified family nurse practitioner and a managing partner of Element Primary Care. She obtained an undergraduate degree from Loyola University in Chicago and a masters degree from Creighton University in Omaha. She has spent much of her career in community health settings, providing primary care to high-risk patients with limited resources. April learned to develop strong patient relationships to better understand her patients needs and improve their healthcare experience. She also experienced that one’s physical health can not be separated from their mental, emotional or socio-economic well being. She became frustrated by the inability of the traditional medical model to address the whole person and was drawn to Lifestyle medicine as well as Integrative and Functional Medicine principles. 

April practices with a whole-person approach that acknowledges the complex factors influencing health, wellness, and disease and relies on the partnership between patient and provider.  Her plan of care often pairs the pharmaceutical treatment of chronic illnesses with nutritional, lifestyle and environmental changes to enhance one’s innate ability to get well.  April has a particular interest in metabolic diseases like diabetes and is passionate about  improving the primary care of patients suffering from mental illness.

April is also continuing her education with the Institute of Functional Medicine in order to be able to offer more options to patients that have not yet achieved wellness through conventional medical treatments. 

If you are looking for a provider to partner with you on your health journey please call to schedule an appointment with April Thomas today.