Ann Wieseler


Ann is a board-certified family practice and acute-care nurse practitioner. She has worked in trauma and emergency medicine over the years and has found it lacking the personal connection she envisioned having with her patients. This is what inspired Ann to build a primary care practice centered on close, long-standing therapeutic relationships. 

Integrative care is a whole-person approach that acknowledges the many factors that contribute to an overall state of well-being. Ann acts as a partner in the care of her patients, addressing lifestyle interventions: nutrition, movement, sleep, stress reduction, and a healthy balance to the demands of every day life. She has a special interest in thyroid disorders, hormones and sexual health. Her background in bioengineering gives her the advantage of understanding and a keen interest in searching for the underlying or root cause of both acute illness and chronic disease states.

Ann obtained her Doctor of Nursing Practice at Creighton University, with the focus on bringing integrative medicine into advanced nursing practice.  Her scholarly project reviewed the impact of direct-primary care and integrative care on the reduction of emergency department visits and improved laboratory markers.  

If you are in search of a provider to partner with you by taking a whole person approach to your overall wellbeing and/or finding the root cause of your health problems, please call to schedule an Integrative health consult with Ann today.